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"Foremost Press was something I was looking for as an aspiring author. They taught me the ropes, explained to me how their world works and what they were looking for. I was greatly pleased and moved by the attention, care, patience and assistance of the Foremost Press staff, their wisdom and their professionalism. I will always recommend this wonderful company to every writer who wishes his voice to be heard."
David Crane, author of Planet of Gods, Book 1 of Enigma

"Terrific! First thing, it's great that you supply your authors with personal web pages and Booksellers pages at all! And second thing, you do such a wondrous job in carefully crafting each one! Your effort is worth far more than the three emblematic explanation points I've just used, so let me provide a couple more to make it a five-star vote of appreciation!!"
Philip R. Sullivan, author of The Wolf Tree

"Mary & Charles: I received copies of my book yesterday, and everything looks great. Thanks to both of you for the quality work. Everything that was promised was fully delivered. You have always been a pleasure to work with."
Gregory Boudreaux, author of The Boardroom Paradox: Why Smart Directors Do Dumb Things

"I really appreciate your hard work. Whenever I steer people to your website, they are always impressed with its quality and the way you display the books.

"I must say that it's not often that a writer can find someone like you. No matter how busy, you've always been prompt at returning my emails."
Michael Cole, author of Subprime

"It's been a pleasure working with you. You've been professional, prompt, and personable in all of our interactions. It is very evident that you are fully committed to your company motto--'Great Books of Quality.' I admire that. I would highly recommend you to any author seeking a top rate book publisher. Thank you!!!"
Paul B. Thornton, author of Big Leadership Ideas: From the Locker Room to the Boardroom

"I got my copies of Shifted today, and boy do they look great! The binding and overall quality are superb, just simply superb. I'd perused some trade paperbacks at local bookstores, and built my expectation for what Shifted would actually look like on examination of these others. However, the quality of those other samples—while very good—is nowhere near as high as the ones from Lightning Source.

"You have a very fine house there, and it's a real honor to have my first novel published by you."
Colin D. Jones, author of Shifted

"Thanks again for making so many things happen so well and so seamlessly. You folks are special!"
Tad Hutton, author of Rio Savannah

"The pages are fantastic. Even my cynical son thought they were 'Neat, Dad!'

"Thanks again for everything. And it's an honor being a member of your team."
I. J. Sarfeh, author of In the Name of Islam

"Most of us who write books have experienced little to no help from publishers. You can imagine my surprise when I encountered one that really cares! From my very first dealings with Foremost Press, the company far exceeded my expectations. They claim to be dedicated to books, and believe me, they are!

"Here is my advice for authors who wish to derive a professional relationship with a publisher. Submit your well-honed manuscript to Foremost Press. They won't guarantee they'll publish it, but they will tell you when they'll get back to you, and believe me, they live up to their words. I actually got turned off of writing until I ran into this outfit. Now I'm back on track writing my third novel."
Michael Cole, author of The Papyrus Document



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