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A fine blend of mayhem and murder! Fast-paced action you'll find difficult to put down. --

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Bob McElwain always writes a fun-to-read tale that keeps the reader turning pages. Free to Die is no different in this regard. In a larger sense, however, it may be the characters he creates that drive his work. Here, as in his other stories, you will discover fascinating people you'd like to meet and get to know better.

The hero, Brad Ashton, seems particularly interesting. A quiet man, slow to anger, he does persist. Although rage is a seldom thing for him, he is capable of decisive, forceful action that few can stand against. He's the sort of man you want on your team, rather than opposing you.

If this book has a flaw, it is in the plot. Unlike those in most of McElwain's work, this one is simple. Yet for the reader who thinks he has it all figured after ten pages, there will be surprises. For things do not turn out as expected.

Except for a flash of violent action in the opening that demonstrates Brad's ability to act decisively and harshly when forced, this tale opens slowly. And some may feel it is also slow to build. However, one who backs off and looks at the work as a whole will see it as a single crescendo, constantly accelerating to an unexpertly fast wrap.

A great read! To those who enjoy fast-paced action, we heartily recommend Free to Die.

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