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276 pages

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Nice Things Said
 "If this book does not get your
  adrenalin pumping, I don’t know 
  what will."
 "A masterful mix of coke, violence
  and murder delivered skillfully 
  to create a fast, easy read,
  difficult to put down."

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Back Cover Blurb

When Scott Macklen discovers a raft abandoned in the Pacific, he sees it for what it really is: trouble.

I grabbed Denty’s arm and turned him toward Tony. By the look on his face, I must have grabbed harder than I’d intended. "It’s coke. A ton at least. And there’s a boat headed this way."

Denty scooped up the glasses and turned toward the oncoming boat.

"Cut it loose," I said. "Then get clear. Fast."

"Christ. What’s with you?" he demanded, lowering the glasses. "We’re taking this in. We’ll be heroes."

"Pass, Denty," Tony said grimly. "Some lowlife paid ten mil for this. He’ll be pissed at losing it."

"Have you guys lost it? What the hell can go wrong? This is Marina Del Rey, not some hot LZ."

But things do go wrong, beginning with the brutal murder of Denty and his family. To save himself, Scott must beat a major coke dealer and his 200 million bucks. While seemingly impossible, Scott must get it done. Or die.

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Lethal Wind
by Bob McElwain
ISBN-10: 0-9748921-3-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-9748921-3-9

About this Book

When Scott Macklen learns he is marked for death by Harry Boggs, the man in cocaine in the San Fernando Valley, his first thought is to slip past the man's defenses and take him off. But this is not only inappropriate, it would likely be fatal, as Boggs has an army and millions to feed it.

Instead, Scott gathers a small team of specialists and begins destroying chunks of Boggs' $200 million financial empire. He is counting on the man's paranoia, on his near psychotic rages, to bring illegal action upon which waiting authorities can act.

But despite good success, Scott seems unable to shove Boggs into a foolish move. Still, he has no choice. He must continue to attack, to find some way to force Boggs into the arms of the law. He's got to make it happen. Or die.

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About the Author

Bob McElwain, a native of Los Angeles, California, taught mathematics and computer science in secondary schools and colleges there for thirty-two years. Now retired, he lives in Mariposa, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, ten miles west of Yosemite National Park.

Bob has been a fan of fiction since childhood, and is always working on another story. He is the author of Fatal Games (Pageant Press, 1989) and six other novels available from Foremost Press.

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News Release

Drugs, Mayhem, and Murder
from Foremost Press

A Complimentary Copy Is Available
To Qualified Reviewers.

Cedarburg, Wisconsin - Lethal Wind, by Bob McElwain, a native of Los Angeles, California, has been published by Foremost Press. A complimentary copy and further information, including a sample review, are available at

About the book: Aboard "Denty's Dream" out of Marina Del Rey, Scott Macklen spots a raft abandoned on the gentle swells of the Pacific. When he checks, his guess is proved correct. The raft is carrying a ton of coke. Scott urges it be cut free. Others overrule him and tow the raft in, where they bask in the glory of their find.

But the man who paid ten million for that cargo, Harry Boggs, the man in cocaine, is totally enraged. He orders all on board murdered. How Scott seeks to defeat this powerful man, and thus survive, is the essence of this unusual tale of drugs, mayhem, and murder.

About the author: To Bob McElwain, a good story is all about fast paced action. And about vivid characters colliding with each other and destiny. His stories always open with power, and accelerate without let up to the last word. Lethal Wind is precisely this kind of tale.

From the publisher: "Lethal Wind is a knife-edge fast paced action thriller," says publisher Mary Holzrichter. "We're delighted to be given the opportunity to present our fifth title by Bob McElwain. He's truly a master of the action genre."

For further information and/or a complimentary copy for review visit Booksellers can order through distributors from Ingram and Baker & Taylor. Readers can order through local bookstores and at, Amazon and Barnes & ISBN 0-9748921-3-0, 276 pp, $14.97


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A Review

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Drugs, Mayhem, and Murder
from Foremost Press

Cedarburg, Wisconsin - A native of Los Angeles, California, McElwain uses this setting for this tale of drugs, mayhem, and murder. All begins with an accidental sighting of a raft well out in the Pacific off Marina Del Rey. Scott Macklen is the fellow who spots the raft. And the one who dives with a knife to confirm his suspicions. The cargo is coke.

Scott urges the raft be cut free, that they get well away from it quickly. Others overrule him, and the raft is landed inside the marina. While some thrive in the news spotlight, Scott sees only trouble.

Unfortunately for those who towed the raft in, the cargo belonged to Harry Boggs, the man in cocaine in the San Fernando Valley. Enraged at having lost a ten million dollar investment, he orders the death of all involved.

To survive, Scott must beat a major drug dealer with 200 million bucks available. While seemingly impossible, Scott plans to attack and destroy this drug empire in parts. If he can trigger the paranoia that is so much a part of Boggs, and thus cause him to act illegally in total rage, authorities watching will end Boggs' career abruptly.

With a select group of talented people, Scott begins. But even as Boggs' losses mount up, there is no indication he will act foolishly. Scott has no hope but to continue with the plan, even as it appears to be failing.

While McElwain never wastes words, he may have errored in this story by including too many individual actions. In each, what Scott does is reasonable, and all is done to minimize risk. However, to succeed in such a long list of such activities brings an unrealistic supermanish flavor to the character of Scott Macklen.

Still, if you enjoy a tautly drafted tale that moves quickly, you'll enjoy this one. Mix in boldly drawn characters you'd love to meet, and you have a must-read story you'll find difficult to lay aside until you have read the last word on the last page.

Lethal Wind was published by Foremost Press. It can be ordered through local bookstores and at, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
ISBN 0-9748921-3-0, 276 pp, $14.97

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