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220 pages

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Nice Things Said
  ". . . the mission discovers 
   more than they bargained for:
   clues to the true nature of
   their enemies and the darkest
   secrets of mankind."
   --- Mensa Bulletin, Waltham, MA 
  "Virus is a well developed, 
   mart sci fi with lots of 
   action and intrigue . . ." 
   --- TCM Reviews
  "The eagerly awaited sequel 
   to Vector delivers with a

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Back Cover Blurb

Victory! The survivors of the old Earth Team return to the cheers and exaltations of their Raider allies. And to their just rewards.

But the three-way war of extermination continues, and enemy actions soon force the team's deployment on an emergency reconnaissance mission.

What begins as a straightforward search for information quickly expands into a desperate battle against growing horror, terror, and despair. They discover far more than anyone could imagine, including clues as to the true nature of their enemies and the darkest secrets of their homeland.

While their skills and determination sustain them through the dangers springing up on all sides, their resources and their strength, individually as well as those of the team and their allies as a whole, are swiftly draining away.

When all is lost, and only one option remains, they seize it. They launch a desperate near-suicidal assault at the very heart of their vastly superior enemy.

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by Stephen J. Schrader
ISBN-10: 0-9748921-6-5
ISBN-13: 978-0-9748921-6-0

About this Book

The survivors of humanity are caught in a ferocious three-way war of extermination between the descendants of Earth's old defenders, the minions of the sadistic half-human Brotherhood, and the savage monsters of the invading alien Hivers.

The Brotherhood convert human organs into cyborgs to perpetrate their kind. The Hivers have changed Earth life-forms to become monsters via genetically altered viruses.

Now it's time for the Earth team to turn the table. Will they be able to defend their homeland? Will good triumph over evil?

A surprising ending will leave you thinking. What if?

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About the Author

Photo of Stephen J. Schrader

Stephen J. Schrader lives in southern California. After a wildly adventurous life as an Army Counterintelligence Agent, he left the service, and decided to return to his first love—writing.

Since he includes many military experiences and insights in his work, he settled on writing Science Fiction. Anything else might have led to the inadvertent disclosure of classified information.

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A Review

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A resident of California, author Stephen J. Schrader's new science fiction novel, Virus takes us on a startling journey to a chilling and grim future society. The tale emerges from its predecessor, Vector.

Terror, death, and destruction await all of the few human survivors on an earth now dominated by the Brotherhood, made up of sadistic, half-human cyborgs, and the savage monsters of the invading alien Hivers.

The survivors of Griffon's old Earth team and their Raider allies are called out on an emergency reconnaissance mission. They soon find themselves rocked to the core by the horror they uncover.

As the situation intensifies, they challenge their enemies in a desperate battle, fought far beneath the earth's surface. At stake is the fate of the human race.

Schrader is a former Army Counterintelligence Agent. With his adventurous background, he's able to use many of his military experiences in his writings. Science fiction has been an intense interest of his since childhood.

You'll love the colorful in-depth characters in Virus, and you'll cringe at the many deadly alien creatures. The action is fast paced. You will find yourself reading voraciously to the very end. And hoping for more of the same to come. Another sequel? We hope so.

Virus was published by Foremost Press. It can be ordered through local bookstores and at, and at Amazon and Barnes &
ISBN-10: 0-9748921-6-5
ISBN-13: 978-0-9748921-6-0
220 pp, $13.97

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