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Nice Things Said
 "...a fast-paced and extremely
  captivating medical thriller." 

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The Chief disappeared behind the French doors of his mansion. After locking himself inside the walnut-paneled office, he settled in front of the computer. He entered a seven-letter code. The monitor flashed to life, displaying columns of colorful icons. For a long moment the cursor hovered over an icon shaped like an oblong coffin.

Under it was a caption: Red Twenty-Nine.

He clicked on the icon, then typed another password. A grainy, black and white video flickered onto the screen. He fast-forwarded it until he found what he was looking for. Then he set it to slow motion. Leaning back, he gazed at the flow of images. Soon they overpowered his senses.

He squeezed his eyes shut, but the images were still there, playing out the final scenes of his life as a man.

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The Final Victim
by I. J. Sarfeh
ISBN-10: 0-9789704-0-3
ISBN-13: 978-0-9789704-0-6

About this Book

A famed athlete undergoes a routine operation. Six weeks later he is dead, the victim of a bizarre illness. Two thousand miles away, a radio announcer dies after suffering a similar illness.

Coincidence? Kate Adams, a strong-willed biologist, does not think so. Worse, she believes the deaths may be the start of an epidemic.

She challenges the athlete's surgeon, Dr. Greg Dostoyov, to investigate. Hounded by the media and guilt-ridden that he was responsible for the athlete's death, Greg finally accepts Kate's challenge.

The perilous quest starts in a remote corner of Scotland and ends in Southern California in a surprising and explosive conclusion.

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About the Author

Photo of I.J. Sarfeh

Dr. Sarfeh is a professor of surgery who currently resides in southern California. He's lived among four completely different cultures: Persian, Russian, British, and American.

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A Review

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Dr. Sarfeh is a professor of surgery with an extensive background in the medical sciences. He relied on his expertise to write his second novel, The Final Victim. It is the story of a perilous investigation into a bizarre cancer that could be the harbinger of an epidemic.

In rural Michigan a famed athlete undergoes a routine operation. Six weeks later he is dead. The cause? An unidentified form of cancer. The media and townspeople blame the athlete's surgeon, Dr. Greg Dostoyov, for the untimely death of their beloved sports legend. They accuse him of overlooking the cancer during surgery. Consumed by guilt and hounded by reporters, Greg flees the area to ponder his future. He meets Kate Adams, a strong-willed biologist who presses him to look into the mysterious cancer. Together they discover that in California a second victim has died of a similar illness. Coincidence? They don't think so.

The quest for answers takes Greg to a remote laboratory in northern Scotland. And there the ordeal begins, his life threatened by those who would prevent him and Kate from continuing their investigations. Their search ends in a Southern California hospital, where the mystery is revealed in the astounding conclusion.

Dr. Sarfeh blends his scientific knowledge and his passion for creative writing into this fast-paced, suspenseful story of medical intrigue. The plot is riveting, the characters memorable, the climax explosive.

The Final Victim was published by Foremost Press. It can be ordered through local bookstores and at, Amazon and Barnes &
ISBN 10: 0-9789704-0-3
ISBN-13: 978-0-9789704-0-6
268 pp, $14.97

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