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Nice Things Said
 "Book Three in the thrilling, 
  high-speed Argosy Trilogy!" 

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Back Cover Blurb

Captain Jacob Brinn, a genius who has challenged all the armies of the world, is taking things to a new level.

While he and his magnificent experimental vessel, the Argo, depart on a mission to decoy the enemy forces into following them, his Argonauts move to ratchet up the pressure on the world’s governments.

The helpless leaders of the world’s most powerful nations can do nothing but bear witness to the terror that is Captain Brinn’s fury unleashed—a fury that shakes the very foundation of human civilization itself.

Meanwhile, the voyage of the Argo has evolved into something far different; an incredible journey to where myth becomes fact, legend becomes history, and the secrets of the universe are laid bare.

Finally, the actions of the panicking world leaders force Captain Brinn’s recall from the voyage of a lifetime.

From the Earth to the surface of the Moon, the future of the human race will be spelled out in hellfire itself.

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Book Three of the Argosy Trilogy
by Stephen J. Schrader
ISBN-10: 0-9818418-1-3
ISBN-13: 978-0-9818418-1-6

About this Book

In Tartarus, all the threads that weave through the Argosy Trilogy come together in a complex, tightly woven skein.

Captain Jacob Brinn, the genius who has challenged the whole world, departs on the voyage for which he'd originally designed the incredible Argo. This is both to decoy the enemy forces into pursuing him, as well as to rediscover humanity's past, and its fate.

Meanwhile, the crack team of Argonauts he left behind begin setting up a worldwide network of covert installations. Once completed, these will allow the Captain to hold the entire world hostage. But that is one thing the forces of order in the world will not allow.

An uncomprehending world watches in shock as the brutal final battle to the death begins.

And so, from the Earth to the surface of the Moon, the future of the human race is spelled out in hellfire itself.

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About the Author

Photo of Stephen J. Schrader

Stephen J. Schrader lives in southern California. After a wildly adventurous life as an Army Counterintelligence Agent, he left the service, and decided to return to his first love—writing.

Since he includes many military experiences and insights in his work, he settled on writing Science Fiction. Anything else might have led to the inadvertent disclosure of classified information.

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A Review

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Whether as a standalone work or as the conclusion of Stephen J. Schrader's incredible Argosy Trilogy, Tartarus is a brilliant, complex, and tightly woven work. He has the ability to take commonly-known items from science and literature and combine them into completely new and original ways. It's amazing how chilling a truly new idea can be.

Finally able to depart on the voyage for which he's planned for his entire life, Captain Jacob Brinn, the genius who has fought the whole world to a standstill, takes his war for humanity's future to a whole new level. Using his voyage to decoy the enemy forces, he literally sails into legend. There, even the Captain's incredible technologies can barely hold off the dangers, and the losses among the Argonauts are heavy.

Meanwhile, the team he's left behind go about setting up a worldwide network of covert installations. Once completed, these will allow the Captain to hold the whole world hostage. A threat that Captain Brinn demonstrates as he unleashes his fury against the Chinese—a fury that the leaders of the most powerful nations on earth can do nothing but watch in panicked impotence.

Finally, the actions of the world's leaders force the Captain's recall. But first, he launches a devastating ground strike to obtain the resources he needs. Then, he moves to break the back of the only force in the human universe that can stand up to him.

But, the final battle for humanity's future isn't going to be decided by the starships of the United Space Force nor by Brinn's incredible futuristic weapons. No, it takes the brilliance of the traitorous cyber-genius Ajax to tip the balance.

When an author sets out to do a trilogy, or a series, he or she makes a promise to the readers, that, no matter how good the first volume is, it will only get better. Schrader has kept that promise, in spades.

Tartarus was published by Foremost Press. It can be ordered through local bookstores and at, and at Amazon and Barnes &
ISBN-10: 0-9818418-1-3
ISBN-13: 978-0-9818418-1-6
236 pp, $13.97

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