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Nice Things Said
 "Swordpoint is based on the 
  adventurous life of Eugene
  Francois Vidocq, who many
  Europeans consider the fore-
  runner of modern science of

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Trying to reach America in search of fortune and glory, young Eugene Francois Vidocq returns to his native town of Arras, France, penniless, exhausted but unbroken. A naturally gifted swordsman, a thief and a troublemaker, he soon finds himself facing the chaos of the French Revolution. But after he commits a bloody act of justice to save innocent lives, Vidocq is forced to flee, abandon the woman he loves, and seek refuge in the ranks of the Revolutionary Army to escape certain death.

Surviving the carnage of war, Vidocq finds himself a member of a successful smuggler crew, battling the stormy seas, rogues and pirates. Betrayed and arrested, he escapes and becomes one of the most dangerous fugitives in France. Facing danger and discovery at every turn, he fights for survival with blade, wit and skill, trying to stay ahead of his pursuers.

When an ambitious young general, Napoleon Bonaparte, seizes power in France, Vidocq sees a chance at redemption and makes an unprecedented decision. To end his old life and begin a new one, he becomes a finely-honed weapon of the law in the name of justice.

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by David Crane
ISBN-10: 1-936154-87-0
ISBN-13: 978-1-936154-87-6

About this Book

The French Revolution has left its mark on young Eugene Francois Vidocq. A thief, troublemaker, adventurer, and duelist, Vidocq narrowly avoids the dreaded guillotine. Shortly thereafter, he saves three innocent lives but is forced to flee for his life.

A soldier in the Revolutionary Army and later a prisoner of war, he returns to France. Pursued by the police agents of the corrupt Directory, Vidocq uses his formidable fighting and survival skills to outrun and outwit his enemies.

When Napoleon becomes First Consul, Vidocq seizes his chance to gain absolution from his sins by becoming an outlaw hunting the outlaws, a police agent, and a master spy.

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About the Author

Photo of David Crane

Crane was born in the Ukraine, which was then a part of the Soviet Union, a country that no longer exists. At the age of sixteen, he immigrated to the United States with his family to seek a better life.

After earning his bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and Graphic Design, his love of writing emerged. He continues to do so in New York City.

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A Review

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David Crane's historical novel, Swordpoint, transports the reader to late 18th-century France, a country gripped with the chaos, blood, and terror of the French Revolution. The novel will entertain you with its realistic settings, interesting historical references, passionate love affairs, duels, battles, betrayals, and narrow escapes.

The protagonist is a young Frenchman, Eugene Francois Vidocq. Known as a troublemaker in his native town of Arras, Eugene Vidocq seeks fortune and glory by trying to reach distant America. He plans to return as a man of wealth and respect and marry the young woman he loves. Vidocq fails in his mission and returns to his native town penniless but unbroken.

After barely escaping the guillotine for assaulting a military officer trying to court his sweetheart, Vidocq is marked for death after he saves three young female aristocrats from humiliation and murder at the hands of revolutionary soldiers. Assisted by a sympathetic priest, he manages to find refuge in the army. Surviving the carnage of battle, he ends up as a prisoner of the Austrians, pretending to be a Belgian forced into the French Army under the threat of death.

But in serving his new masters, Vidocq refuses to spill the blood of his fellow Frenchmen for the Austrian crown. Escaping again into France, he ends up as a companion to a traveling charlatan and a smuggler, who recognizes his talents and asks him to join a successful smuggler crew. In need of money and new skills, Vidocq accepts the proposal. Hardening his body and sharpening his mind in sea adventures and a near fatal encounter with pirates, he finds himself a target of the revolutionary police agents and zealous gendarmes. Betrayed and imprisoned, Vidocq escapes and soon becomes one of the most dangerous fugitives in France. When Napoleon comes to power, Vidocq sees his chance at redemption—he becomes an outlaw hunting the outlaws in the name of justice.

For anyone interested in the past, the French Revolution and the Napoleonic era will present a fascinating tapestry of political and cultural events that shaped our modern society.

Swordpoint was published by Foremost Press. It can be ordered through local bookstores and at, Amazon and Barnes &
ISBN-10: 1-936154-87-0
ISBN-13: 978-1-936154-87-6
334 pp, $16.97

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