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174 pages

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Nice Things Said
  "The premise of Lisa's story 
   is as real as the headlines 
   in today's newspaper."
   --- Brenda Russell
  "From start to finish, all 
   is one grand acceleration 
   of action and suspense."
   --- ForemostPress.com

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Back Cover Blurb

Fletcher held Lisa tightly against him with a choke hold about her neck, the barrel of the pistol jammed into her temple.

Lisa fainted. Or was she faking it? Todd couldn't be sure. But Fletcher had to shift his grip to lift her back up; he needed the cover.

Her eyes suddenly wide open, Lisa cried softly, "Shoot."

What the hell does she mean? . . . Fletcher was clearly puzzled.

"Now," Lisa snapped, lunging up, and toward the pistol.

Since Fletcher had been lifting, Lisa did get elevation. But in moving toward the pistol, the man's strength largely defeated her. Still, the muzzle of the pistol had been driven off her temple and forced forward. Was it enough? Oh, God, was it enough?

Todd squeezed through. The Beretta fired.

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Take the Shot
by Bob McElwain
ISBN-10: 0-9748921-0-6
ISBN-13: 978-0-9748921-0-8

About this Book

The vicious attacks of a serial rapist-killer have gone largely unnoticed. But the accidental discovery of the body of his latest victim brings wide media attention.

When reporter Lisa Anders sees a man shot to death only a few feet from her, she becomes terrified. The man was killed by accident; she was the intended target because she can identify the killer, the same man who attacked her seven years ago.

With the help of Todd Hallster, an ex-cop, and LAPD's Lt. Parker, Lisa tracks down the killer and he's taken into custody. But the killer proves to be extremely rich and powerful. And in court, it all boils down to Lisa's word against his. In the end, it's up to a jury.

However the jury decides, Lisa knows she remains at risk. For if he goes free, he'll want to tie up loose ends. If convicted, he has ample funds to extract revenge.

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About the Author

Bob McElwain, a native of Los Angeles, California, taught mathematics and computer science in secondary schools and colleges there for thirty-two years. Now retired, he lives in Mariposa, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, ten miles west of Yosemite National Park.

Bob has been a fan of fiction since childhood, and is always working on another story. He is the author of Fatal Games (Pageant Press, 1989) and six other novels available from Foremost Press. He says, "I believe the price a woman may pay as a consequence of being raped is much too high. Take the Shot is a story of such a woman."

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News Release

Suspense and Fast-Paced Action
from Foremost Press

Cedarburg, Wisconsin - Take the Shot, by Bob McElwain, a native of Los Angeles, California, has been published by Foremost Press.

About the book: When the body of the latest victim of a serial rapist is accidently discovered, Lisa Anders knows she is also slated to die, for she can identify the killer. Should she flee? Abandon her hopes and dreams for a successful career? Or stay and tough it out? With ex-cop Todd Hallster at her side, Lisa reluctantly decides to stay. Immediately she realizes she may have made the greatest mistake of her life, one she may not survive.

About the author: McElwain is well known for his fast-paced action tales, played out in and around his native city of Los Angeles. His richly crafted stories play like a movie in your mind, and you feel you actually know his strong characters.

From the publisher: "McElwain's sensitivity manifests itself in this tale of a serial rapist," says publisher Mary Holzrichter. "We believe Take the Shot is a valuable addition to the handful of books we publish each year."

For further information and/or a complimentary copy for review visit http://foremostpress.com/booksellers/shot_nts.html. Booksellers can order at ForemostPress.com.
ISBN 0-9748921-0-6, 174 pp, $12.97


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A Review

Feel free to use all or part of the following, and edit to suit. This content was prepared for your use. We ask no acknowledgement of any kind.

Suspense and Fast-Paced Action
from Foremost Press

Cedarburg, Wisconsin - Take the Shot by Bob McElwain. A native of Los Angeles, California, McElwain uses this setting for this tale of a serial rapist who murders his victims, then buries their bodies. Unexpectedly, the grave of his latest victim is discovered, and the hunt is on.

From what she knows of this crime, Lisa Anders, a young writer for a LA newspaper, knows the killer is the same man who raped her nine years ago. And she knows she is now marked for death because she can identify him. In seeking to avoid pursuers, she meets Todd Hallster, an ex-cop, a mix-it-up kind of guy, yet one who is always ready to help when he can make a difference.

Together, Lisa and Todd with a supporting cast of vivid and delightful characters, uncover the identity of the killer, and ultimately capture him. In court, however, the man's wealth and power make a conviction unlikely.

Wrapping with a double twist, this tale will fascinate fans of the fast-paced action genre. From start to finish, all is one grand acceleration of action and suspense.

While McElwain never wastes words, he does omit details some might wish had been included. For example, the killer is obviously a sociopath, without conscience or the constraints of emotions. While there are clear indicators that this is so, details about this deviate personality are lacking. To be fair, in focusing on the actions of the character rather than his personality, McElwain may have taken the best course. As is always the case, the reader will decide.

If you enjoy a tautly drafted tale that moves swiftly, you'll enjoy this one. Mix in boldly drawn characters you'd love to meet, and you have a must-read story you'll find difficult to lay aside until you have read the last word on the last page.

Take the Shot was published by Foremost Press. It can be ordered at ForemostPress.com. ISBN 0-9748921-0-6, 174 pp, $12.97

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