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Nice Things Said
 "...wonderfully written novel."
 "Chacko's writing style is 
  fast, fluid, and robust."
  --- Kristina O'Donnelly,
  author of Korinna, a novel
  of Ancient Greece, Rome, and 
 " amazing work of fiction."

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Back Cover Blurb

"We're dealing with a magician for an empire," said Verus. "I can't say I like that."

"A very wealthy magician. Those coins are real."

Verus looked at the stacks of gold on the table. They had been apportioned to each man, but not equally. The commander of Raphanae attained to a somewhat larger share. As was proper.

"So he buys a Roman garrison for a few gold pieces."

"More than a few."

"Still, he's gotten it cheap."

"If he has it. Does he?"

Verus smiled. "How much are you culling from this venture, Marcellus?"


"They must be high. This is a fine villa. The food was fine. The women magnificent."

I shrugged.

"You don't bother to reckon accounts."

"Not unless we're speaking of figures."

"What do you imagine we're doing?"

One thing about Verus: he was direct. He was also corrupt, but circumstances made that welcome. Macrinus could at any moment decide we were worth his violent attention.

"Three million sesterces."

"Five," he said.

"If you deliver within the month."

Verus looked as if he had expected more haggling. He held his hand up as if to count his fingers. "This is the month of the goddess Maia, good wife of Mars," he said. "I must say war seems appropriate."

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The Severan Prophecies
A Novel of the Roman Empire
by David Chacko
ISBN-10: 0-9789704-6-2
ISBN-13: 978-0-9789704-6-8

About this Book

If you were the man to lead an all-out rebellion against the might of ancient Rome, you would storm out of the East at the head of your army and smash all opposition. To universal acclaim, you would become Lord of the World, the Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus. You would take it as your task to overturn the gods, laws and traditions of the Roman Empire in a furious nonstop revolution. You would explore all the passions and intrigue that unlimited power can offer a young man.

This is your story, told by the people who knew you best.

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About the Author

In my novel, The Severan Prophecies, I chose Marcus Aurelius Antoninus from the wealth of outrageous characters who became the emperors of Rome. I did it with the knowledge that he was the most outrageous of all.

Chacko's books have been called "brilliant and scaring" (Kirkus), and "raw-boned and brutal" (The Detroit News). He is known as "a novelist of talent and power" (Playboy), "a writer of power and intensity" (Publisher's Weekly), and his work as "compelling and unexpected" (Newsweek), "a powerhouse charged with artistic and imaginative feats." (Buffalo Courier-Express)

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A Review

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Foremost Press Releases Historical Novel

David Chacko's fourteenth novel, The Severan Prophecies, is an exciting and convincing narrative of one of strangest and most misunderstood figures in ancient history. The Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus was fourteen years old when he ascended to the throne and eighteen when he died, but during his brief period of public life he set the Roman world afire.

The story is told by a high-ranking professional soldier named Marcellus, whose career parallels the four emperors of the Severan dynasty. Beginning in Brittania in the last days of the reign of Septimus Severus, the story shadows the bloody continuation as his demented son Caracalla assumes the throne. When the narrative leaps to Syria, we learn of Caracalla's assassination. The sudden jeopardy of the members of the royal family who remain alive propels a headlong race for survival.

The restoration of the dynasty becomes their goal. Marcellus leads the young boy Varius into a storm of intrigue, action, and finally battle that ends with the defeat of the usurper Macrinus outside Antioch. Thus does teenage Varius become Lord of the World.

All the settings in the Middle East and Europe are well rendered by Chacko, who lives in the places where the story passes. The characters are even more sharply drawn, a real feat when passing from rulers in their puberty to beautiful mothers who will do anything to keep their place at court to grandmothers who are the real power behind the throne. The political maneuvers grow to Machiavellian heights as the young emperor devotes most of his time to administering the spiritual needs of his empire-wide flock and his own pleasure.

Finally he runs amok, careening from the outrageous to the fantastic while he commands Marcellus to implement his needs. The havoc that a boy in the prime of his adolescence visits on the empire is furious. It's enough to say that the end is bloody and the few bodies that will finally stand are the shocked remnants of his royal family and his friend nearly to the end, Marcellus.

The Severan Prophecies was published by Foremost Press. It can be ordered through local bookstores and at, Amazon and Barnes &
ISBN 10: 0-9789704-6-2
ISBN-13: 978-0-9789704-6-8
444 pp, $18.97

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