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Nice Things Said
  "A quick, magnificent must-read." 
   --- Jeremiah Revving,
   Dartmouth, Massachusetts

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Back Cover Blurb

Was the 2013 Super Bowl fixed? This hilarious novel follows a horde of crazy characters who stumble over themselves and others in giving it their best shots.

Baldy Scales is the Choctaw Indian and conspiracist intent on one last glorious ride into the sunset on his pony-in this case, a stolen 1963 crop duster.

Larry Cole is the muddling accountant shanghaied to China when two billionaires connive to embarrass Sheldon Adelson. Cole's bodyguard, the Wonger Doodle, keeps him on target and under wraps.

Deron Youens, the genius with the GED who manages Beyonce's show, gives the Superdome's good old boys a chance to avoid a catastrophe-which, of course, they never take.

And there is Ina Wu, the anonymous hacktivist with her gambling-addict husband who decides to ruin the iconic football party altogether. The word is if Anonymous can't do it, then it can't be done.

And how about the teams and the players themselves? Who among them has the brains, the discipline, and the business sense to arrange the perfect fix?

Reading this novel is like visiting Bedlam. It teems with wild, crazy people, uproarious situations, and some serious reflections on games, gambling, and life.

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God's Money
A novel based on actual events
by Tad Hutton
ISBN-10: 0-9818418-9-9
ISBN-13: 978-0-9818418-9-2

About this Book

The South China Sea is a haven for pirates and the setting for this comical, action-filled novel of island fishermen who unearth illegal drug money and fight to keep it.

Deacon and his brothers use a drunken priest, a renegade American financier, and a Japanese hermit to protect their newfound wealth.

A weird assortment of friends and enemies, including a military helicopter crew who bombards victims with condom-filled waste, make this a memorable read.

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About the Author

Photo of Tad Hutton

Tad Hutton is an established author and a 2009 GAYA Award finalist. He is currently finishing the film version of God's Money.

He resides on Tybee Island, Georgia, with his wife, two cats, and a Boston Whaler.

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A Review

Feel free to use all or part of the following, and edit to suit. This content was prepared for your use. We ask no acknowledgement of any kind.

God's Money, written by Tad Hutton, a 2009 GAYA Award finalist, is based on a true story, so recent that the ending is still in play.

In 2007, a ship in the Palawan Straits of the South China Sea goes missing. The Straits are notorious for acts of piracy, directed at the more than fifteen per cent of the world's ship traffic.

Two years after the disappearance and suspected hijacking of the freighter Pa'ua, millions of dollars are uncovered on an atoll by fisherman from Kalayaan Town on the island of Ramos in the Philippines.

The money turns out to be part of a laundering operation by a Manila drug cartel. The cartel comes looking for its money as well as for the pirate named Ahmad the Knife who attempted to hijack its ship. The Catholic Church becomes part of the story when a greedy monsignor named Monsignor Barracuda by the townsfolk asserts his rights to the money. To further complicate the plot, five nations who claim sovereignty over the island suddenly become interested in claiming the cash.

Meshed into this net of greed and intrigue are simple villagers, a timid but holy priest, and a renegade American hiding from a US Treasury investigation. A romantic tension evolves to a triangle among a beautiful Filipina, a naval officer, and the much older American. Other sharply defined characters are an autistic orphan who communicates with dolphins, an ex-soldier from Japan who lives as a hermit above the village, the avaricious monsignor who wants the money, and a Malay pirate who terrorizes all who stand between him and his treasure.

God's Money is chock full of action, comedy, fear, and a final, gripping redemption. Anyone who saw and enjoyed the 1989 classic action-comedy The Gods Must Be Crazy would place this novel right on the same level. The book and its characters will be remembered long after the last page is turned.

God's Money was published by Foremost Press. It can be ordered through local bookstores and at, Amazon and Barnes &
ISBN-10: 0-9818418-9-9
ISBN-13: 978-0-9818418-9-2
134 pp, $11.97

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