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   work of fiction."

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What happens when an old enemy dies and names you the executor of his estate? How many ways can hatred twist into less deadly things? How many people from the past will appear in this wake like walking ghosts?

Your enemy, as it happens, was not only an enormously wealthy man, but a spear carrier of the first rank for the neo-conservative movement. Many of the things that you despise are represented in his memory and his estate. Some of the worst things that have come to visit your country are his unclaimed legacy. In the end, they will all be found at Martyr's Creek.

Politics and love, betrayal and the undying dead, make up the bones of this story, which closes with the elections of 2006.

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Martyr's Creek
by David Chacko
ISBN-10: 0-9789704-3-8
ISBN-13: 978-0-9789704-3-7

About this Book

What do you do when you're named the executor of the estate of your worst enemy? What can he possibly offer that will keep you interested? Find out what the most demonic man in the neo-conservative movement did to cement the deal. It's the same thing he always did, but with a twist.

Dealing with the devil is just a phrase. Find out what it means when it's real.

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About the Author

David Chacko is the author of twenty-two critically acclaimed novels in the mystery and espionage genres. He is also the co-author of one of the groundbreaking texts in the field: Crime and Punishment: An Introduction to Detective Fiction.

Chacko's books have been called "brilliant and scaring" (Kirkus), and "raw-boned and brutal" (The Detroit News). He is known as "a novelist of talent and power" (Playboy), "a writer of power and intensity" (Publisher's Weekly), and his work as "compelling and unexpected" (Newsweek), "a powerhouse charged with artistic and imaginative feats." (Buffalo Courier-Express)

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A Review

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Foremost Press Releases Literary Novel

David Chacko's thirteenth novel, Martyr's Creek, proves that numbers mean little in the life of a writer. After setting his last four novels in foreign countries with well realized backdrops, Chacko returns home with a sharp eye, sorting through American loves and conflicts (politics) with as deft a hand as anyone has shown in some time.

James Pandolph (Panda), the main character and narrator of Martyr's Creek, is an executive on a forced leave of absence who is called back to the United States when he is named the executor of the estate of a man he never wanted to see again. This man, Thomas Powys, was not only very wealthy, but an academic in the forefront of the politically powerful neo-conservative movement.

The unwinding of the Powys' estate sets the book to proceed like a tour-de-force. Martyr's Creek seems like that for the first three chapters, until Chacko begins to spin its subplots. These turn out to be more interesting and important than the heaps of money that Powys left to his political causes. It seems everything in this novel is haunted—and tainted—especially passion and the amassing of wealth.

Panda inherits Dana, a woman who has had affairs with the deceased and his executor in the past. A brilliant character, she plays off her close knowledge of both men until the novel finds its secret links to all the sins and its emotional depth. The question is how much will Panda be able to discover about himself and his tormentor. Is it enough to make sense of their lives?

Panda has to go all the way up Martyr's Creek for the answers. It's a journey into the past—so far into the past that it reaches back to the founding of America. That's where the sins of the past finally dissolve in swift-running water.

Martyr's Creek was published by Foremost Press. It can be ordered through local bookstores and at, Amazon and Barnes &
ISBN 10: 0-9789704-3-8
ISBN-13: 978-0-9789704-3-7
316 pp, $15.97

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