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   "In the Name of Islam
    is a roller coaster ride..." 

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The image of the child's beautiful features suddenly materialized in his mind. Then it faded, replaced by the Imam's depraved face, sneering, taunting.

Reese stood motionless, struggling to repel the fast-gathering clouds of rage that threatened his reason.

Flinging her arms about his waist, Miriam buried her head in his chest. "I didn't know, Reese. And I'm so sorry. I grieve for the child and the family. And I grieve for all Moslems of the world. Again we have to suffer the shame inflicted on us by the savages calling themselves jihadists."

He said nothing, waiting for his mind to calm. And as it did, he became certain that he and the Imam were on a deadly collision course.

One of them must die.

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In the Name of Islam
by I. J. Sarfeh
ISBN-10: 0-9748921-8-1
ISBN-13: 978-0-9748921-8-4

About this Book

Held captive at an isolated farmhouse, Dr. Morgan Reese is forced at gunpoint to perform surgery on an Afghan calling himself the Holy Imam. Thus begins the battle of wits between Reese and the Imam. Caught in the crossfire is the Imam's nurse, Miriam, an Iranian-American and devout Moslem.

Reese soon suspects that the Imam is in America for reasons other than his health. The Imam's bodyguards repeatedly talk of a deadline: September 13. Suspecting a terrorist attack is planned on that day, Reese must thwart it. He will need Miriam's help, but can he trust her?

Racing against time, he finds clues that could reveal the Imam's plot: a missing Koran, the final words of a dying man, and a cryptogram. But the grand plan remains elusive—only the Imam knows it.

In the makeshift operating room, Reese confronts the Imam. He knows only one of them will survive.

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About the Author

Photo of I.J. Sarfeh

Dr. Sarfeh is a professor of surgery who currently resides in southern California. He's lived among four completely different cultures: Persian, Russian, British, and American.

For his story in In the Name of Islam, he brought together three aspects of his background: his knowledge of the Middle East, where he grew up; his knowledge of surgery, his profession; and his passion for creative writing. It all fell together into a page-turning mystery/suspense yarn.

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A Review

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Foremost Press Releases Suspense Thriller

Dr. Sarfeh is a professor of surgery who has lived in the Middle East. He draws on those aspects of his background to create the memorable characters and the heart-pounding pace of In the Name of Islam.

Held captive at an isolated farmhouse in Nebraska, Dr. Morgan Reese is forced at gunpoint to perform surgery on an Afghani national calling himself the Holy Imam. Thus begins the battle of wits between Reese, an atheist, and the Imam, an Islamic militant. Caught in the crossfire is the Imam's nurse, Miriam. A devout Moslem, she is sickened by the violence infesting her religion.

During the course of his captivity, Reese comes to believe that the Imam has planned a terrorist attack on American soil. Racing against time, Reese must discover and thwart the plot. As the psychological tug of war between him and his nemesis nears a stalemate, Reese must confront a major moral dilemma facing America today. What constitutes torture? Is it ever justified to save countless innocent lives? The conflict in the makeshift operating room sets the stage for the climax of the story.

Using his knowledge of Islam, Sarfeh dramatizes today's religious conflicts through the eyes of the extremist, the nonviolent moderate, and the cynic. His novel further captures the internal struggles of physicians and nurses who must treat nefarious criminals.

In the Name of Islam was published by Foremost Press. It can be ordered through local bookstores and at, Amazon and Barnes &
ISBN 0-9748921-8-1, 252 pp, $14.97

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