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280 pages

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Nice Things Said
  "A breathtaking read, one
   cannot help but wonder
   whether Mr. Chacko is
   prophet, insider, or perhaps
   a little of both."
   --- Sylvia Cochran,
  "This espionage thriller is
   a book you can’t put down.
   Would make an excellent movie."
   --- Michele E. Davis,
  "The third book in the
   explosive Jason Ender
   series is another
   blistering ride through
   the badlands of espionage
   and terrorism."
   --- Foremost Press

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Back Cover Blurb

Who flies six thousand miles to find the same corruption he left in Washington? This is Jason Ender on The Third Front.

"So you think this runs to what, the stratosphere?"

"You know these people better than I do, Jason."

Ender had seen their influence in operation. Control behind the wire ran to civilians, but Headquarters could look over an interrogator’s shoulder as he questioned a detainee and do everything but bring him down with a hard right. They usually did not intervene unless it was urgent and their input could make a difference, but they were there for that and other intervention, too.

Ender had slowly become aware of a third level—a parallel level—that should not have functioned at all. Though answering to the government, the Donner Party—and other civilian companies that supplied expertise—could paper any position while they worked the angles with soft words and handshakes. Usually benign, the process could turn rogue.

It had.

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Echo Five
by David Chacko
ISBN-10: 0-9789704-7-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-9789704-7-5

About this Book

Have you ever wondered about what happens at the secret sites where terrorists are held outside the legal forty-eight?

Echo Five shows what goes on behind the wire. It's more and less than you can imagine, and more than Jason Ender imagines: suicide that may be murder, paydays that may be payoffs, and terrorism that may be the heart of terror.

This is the third Jason Ender novel in the explosive terrorist series that began with Less Than a Shadow and continued with The Peacock Angel.

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About the Author

David Chacko is the author of twenty-two critically acclaimed novels in the mystery and espionage genres. He is also the co-author of one of the groundbreaking texts in the field: Crime and Punishment: An Introduction to Detective Fiction.

Chacko's books have been called "brilliant and scaring" (Kirkus), and "raw-boned and brutal" (The Detroit News). He is known as "a novelist of talent and power" (Playboy), "a writer of power and intensity" (Publisher's Weekly), and his work as "compelling and unexpected" (Newsweek), "a powerhouse charged with artistic and imaginative feats." (Buffalo Courier-Express)

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A Review

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Foremost Press Releases Espionage Novel

Echo Five, the third novel in the Jason Ender series, by David Chacko, is another blistering ride through the badlands of espionage and terrorism. This time the action is literally blistering, as the novel is set in one of the hottest places on earth—a military installation at the Horn of Africa that guards the strategic Red Sea.

Ender is assigned to debrief terrorists arriving from all over East Africa—the area bin Laden has called the Third Front. Ender quickly finds that his mission is complicated by the suicide of the Arabic interrogator who was to assist him. Lieutenant Carolyn Fordyce—also known as Echo Five—seems to have taken her life for no clear reason—or too many. Ender's search to find the real motivation for the death of a young officer drives the story to its end.

Along the way, Ender's investigation provides a revealing look into the life of a camp where everything is done in the name of national security. This place, so much like a small town in hell, could be found in various forms in the global village that the U.S. military maintains. So the book is curiously American as it passes in a completely foreign place. Nothing much is overlooked in the mirror image of ourselves that the story reflects. Patriotism and selflessness, incompetence and corruption, Islamic and Christian fundamentalism, all play the parts we should by now know well.

These opposing tendencies come together in the climax of the story as it weaves the life of Echo Five together with the lives of the terrorists she questioned so relentlessly. The culmination of the plot comes suddenly and violently as the death of a dedicated officer and the plans of a group of dedicated terrorists arrive at parallel resolutions. It's a strange but satisfying ending that manages to settle as many questions as it leaves for the reader to think about. In that, he's much like Jason Ender.

Echo Five was published by Foremost Press. It can be ordered through local bookstores and at, Amazon and Barnes &
ISBN 10: 0-9789704-7-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-9789704-7-5
280 pp, $14.97

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