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Nice Things Said
 "Everyone has their demons--but
  Naoko's demon is real, and it
  lives in her blood." 

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Living in modern-day Japan, Naoko Kitamura has a dark secret she must hide from her family and friends. She is a demon hybrid, a descendant from an ancient union between a samurai and a female demon. Possessing awesome powers that manifest in times of danger, Naoko tries to maintain the balance of her demonic powers and her human soul while concealing her terrifying potential. But being extraordinary, she cannot live an ordinary life.

With her demon awakening as a result of a brutal assault, Naoko seeks a personal challenge in life after experiencing love and personal tragedy. Choosing a career as a police officer, she is thrust into a secret war between powerful corporations, the underworld, and a fanatical environmentalist organization. Old and new enemies arise to alter the future of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Sworn to protect Japan against its enemies, Naoko fights her battles in a world where ancient magic will point the way to her country's destruction or salvation. . . .

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Demon Heart
by David Crane
ISBN-10: 1-939870-27-5
ISBN-13: 978-1-939870-27-8

About this Book

Naoko Kitamura is one of the best cops in the city’s police force in Osaka, Japan. However, her human appearance hides a dark secret that must be hidden from humans. Naoko is a demon hybrid, a descendant of a demon and a samurai.

Struggling to uphold her mother’s legacy as defender of Japan against evil, she faces human and nonhuman enemies determined to alter her country’s destiny. Her powers are both a blessing and a curse, for, by being extraordinary, Naoko can never live an ordinary life.

For her, the road to victory will be written in blood.

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About the Author

Photo of David Crane

David Crane was born in the Ukraine, which was then a part of the Soviet Union, a country that no longer exists. At the age of sixteen, he immigrated to the United States with his family to seek a better life.

After earning his bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and Graphic Design, his love of writing emerged. He continues to do so in New York City.

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A Review

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In his seventh novel, Demon Heart, David Crane presents a dark fantasy heavily influenced by his interest in Japanese history, demonology, fantasy and manga.

In Japan, tales of fantasy, horror, and magic justly earned their place in the country’s folklore. Using his knowledge of this unique country, Crane created Demon Heart, where ancient demons and magical forces interact with humans in the Land of the Rising Sun.

The protagonist, Naoko Kitamura, is by all appearances an ordinary Japanese woman working as a police officer in the city of Osaka. But looks are deceiving, for beneath her seemingly vulnerable human flesh hides an ancient power that awakens in times of extreme personal danger.

Naoko’s story is a first-person narrative that is both enchanting and philosophical. The action is fast, furious and often brutal, exposing the dark sides of human and spiritual worlds that are always in conflict with one another. It is a story of a beauty and a beast fused into one.

The novel offers readers a glimpse of modern-day Japan and hopefully awakens their interest in the history, traditions and philosophies of this unique country.

Demon Heart was published by Foremost Press. It can be ordered through local bookstores and at, Amazon and Barnes &
ISBN-10: 1-939870-27-5
ISBN-13: 978-1-939870-27-8
270 pp, $14.97

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