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Nice Things Said
    "This story will change the
     way you look at organized  
     religion and the 'slavery' 
     an innocent believer can 
     fall into." 

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Holy War is close at hand. . . .

At daybreak on Monday, August 13, 1990, Muhammet Salih woke to the sound from a nearby mosque as it called the faithful to morning prayer. He murmured to himself, "I've been here in Afghanistan for eighteen days. God willing, I'll make it through the nineteenth!"

He reflected that in the nearby mountains hid monsters, who called themselves men; men preparing for a war that could open the doors to heaven, all sins forgiven to each who gave his life to the cause, which was Islamic rule according to the laws and ways of the Prophet Mohammed.

The commanding officer of the camp announced on their first day together, "Holy War is at hand!" He continued to preach, "The current government of unfaithful heathens is joined in a battle with powerful imperialist governments against communism. They have unknowingly laid the foundation for us to take power in the name of God. We finally have a chance to cleanse the world of every trace of Satan!"

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The Lame Revolutionary Conspiracy
by Cuneyt Ulsever
Translated by Dr. Mert Akcanbas
ISBN-10: 1-939870-04-6
ISBN-13: 978-1-939870-04-9

About this Book

Melek Danis has an assignment. She must convince her father, who is Turkey's President Turgut Ozal's private butler, that he must assist her in placing a bug in the president's library. She has qualms. Why was it necessary for her bosses to kidnap her daughter? Were her superiors suspicious of her, or just careful to make sure her father did as he was told?

Melek is part of an Al-Qaeda sleeper cell that is just being awakened.

This story will change the way you look at organized religion and the "slavery" an innocent believer can fall into.

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About the Author

Cuneyt Ulsever was born in Ankara, Turkey and grew up in Istanbul. After an extensive education in Turkey, he completed a master's degree in International Relations at John Hopkins University and a master's degree in Economy from Columbia University. From there he went onto Harvard University and earned a doctorate in Human Resources.

After completing his education, Ulsever returned to Turkey, where he became a political commentator in newspapers and on television. He also began writing novels, often with a political twist.

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A Review

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Cuneyt Ulsever's historical mystery novel The Lame Revolutionary Conspiracy is set during the presidency of one of Turkey's most popular modern politicians—President Turgut Ozal. More specifically, the early years of the 1990s when the first ideas of reshaping the Middle East began to be spoken of in the highest circles of world politics, but that was in the West. During the same period, the rising anger of Islamic fundamentalists in the Middle East asserted itself as Islamic terrorism became a reality all over the world.

Cuneyt Ulsever lives in Istanbul, Turkey, and as a young man, actually lived through this era. As a businessman and newspaper editorial writer, Ulsever was privy to events that shaped the path of Turkish government to this day.

The Lame Revolutionary Conspiracy opens as a religious fanatic prepares to go to Afghanistan to train with Al-Qaeda. We are introduced to each of several characters from their earliest childhood. We see how events in their early lives prepared them as enthusiastic warriors in a worldwide uprising of Moslems. Of course, this uprising was to be triggered by smaller events leading up to all-out war. Ulsever focuses on the death of President Turgut Ozal, the cause of which remains a mystery to many to this day.

Ulsever introduces an amazing cast of characters, varied from all walks of life. Suddenly, readers understand how the philosophy of terrorism came about and how easy it is to force innocent Moslems into the masses preparing for a worldwide Holy war.

Foremost Press gratefully acknowledges the generous contribution of The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey to the translation of this book.

The Lame Revolutionary Conspiracy was published by Foremost Press. It can be ordered at and Amazon.
ISBN-10: 1-939870-04-6
ISBN-13: 978-1-939870-04-9
212 pp, $13.97

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