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Nice Things Said
 "A modern-day deadly super weapon
  is accidentally transported to 
  the past. Can its crew save 
  history and the world from the
  ultimate evil?" 

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It was supposed to be a simple mission—deliver six nuclear missiles back to the United States onboard the most advanced Stealth bomber in the world. The B-3 Boomerang is a super weapon that knows no equal. Nearly invisible to radar and lethal, it's a paragon of present-day military technology. And America's enemies want its secrets. What no one expected was an aerial phenomenon that catapults the plane and its crew from the present day to the year 1942 into the heart of Nazi Germany.

With their plane disabled and captured by the Nazis, Major Richard Hartman and his copilot, Captain Deana Crown, are forced to fight for survival in a hostile land decades away from home. With the plane's superior technology and its nuclear onboard arsenal, the Nazis could win the Second World War. The battle for the future will happen in both past and present. The pilots trapped in time now have a new mission: to save history at any price.

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Boomerang Will Not Return
A Novel of Time Travel
by David Crane
ISBN-10: 1-939870-13-5
ISBN-13: 978-1-939870-13-1

About this Book

B-3 Boomerang is the most advanced Stealth plane in the world flown by the best pilots of the United States Air Force. And on a routine delivery mission, the plane and its top secret cargo fail to reach their intended destination. A former Luftwaffe fighter ace may hold the key to the mystery, just as the American Intelligence and Counterintelligence agencies scramble to find the missing plane and protect its secrets from an old enemy who now wears a new face in the post-Cold War world.

Trapped more than seventy years in the past as a result of an encounter with the mysterious Comet Gabriel, Major Richard Hartman and his copilot, Captain Deana Crown, end up in the heart of Nazi Germany in the middle of the Second World War. With their plane damaged and one of them captured by the Nazis, the two pilots are forced to fight for survival. With the fate of the world as we know it hanging in the balance, the B-3 pilots must come up with a daring plan that will give them only one chance to preserve history and possibly find their way home.

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About the Author

Photo of David Crane

David Crane was born in the Ukraine, which was then a part of the Soviet Union, a country that no longer exists. At the age of sixteen, he immigrated to the United States with his family to seek a better life.

After earning his bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and Graphic Design, his love of writing emerged. He continues to do so in New York City.

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A Review

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In David Crane's time-travel novel, Boomerang Will Not Return, a mysterious comet named Gabriel passes very close to the earth, and an old German Luftwaffe fighter ace awakens with a painful memory of devastating defeat in World War II. But the most shocking is not the recollections of the terror of the air combat or the friends and family he'd lost. It is the future he's been exposed to through a fateful encounter with the most amazing and most advanced airplane ever created. It is a memory he swore to take to his grave or so he thought.

Major Richard "Longbow" Hartman and his friend and copilot, Captain Deana "Wildcat" Crown, had a simple mission: fly six nuclear missiles out of one of the remaining air force bases in Germany. During the flight, their super advanced B-3 Boomerang Stealth bomber gets caught in Comet Gabriel's radiation tail and vanishes without a trace. Just as the air force and the U.S. military begins to search for the missing bomber, the B-3, damaged during transit, emerges into the year 1942. The Stealth and one of its pilots are captured by the Germans.

In the present, the American NSA, while searching for the missing B-3 along with the CIA, is challenged by the Russian Intelligence, whose ex-KGB members had sworn revenge against the United States for the collapse of the Soviet Union. As the spies try to outmaneuver each other in a dangerous game of wits and luck, the Stealth pilots trapped in time are fighting not just for their own survival, but for the future of the entire human race.

Sprinkled with historical facts, Crane guides the reader into another interesting adventure, where technology and man both take an unexpected turn from the wild and unpredictable forces of nature.

Boomerang Will Not Return was published by Foremost Press. It can be ordered through local bookstores and at, Amazon and Barnes &
ISBN-10: 1-939870-13-5
ISBN-13: 978-1-939870-13-1
208 pp, $13.97

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