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Nice Things Said

"He [Collier] is one of those
 'characters' that every man
 wants to be and every woman
 wants to love."
 --- Nancy Hayes

". . . a couple of sleepless
 nights are a small price to  
 pay for adrenalin-enhanced 
 --- Sonya Rolls

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Back Cover Blurb

Pain exploded in his ribs.

Then in a thigh, close to his groin. Then again in his face. Each burst expanded until colliding with another, building into one shuddering, searing ball of agony.

He was suddenly gripped from behind and yanked bodily from the ground. The face came closer. Over his ragged breathing, he faintly heard, "The name of your client?"

Realization flowed over him, then a rush of stark terror. To give Terri's name would mean death for them both. He would not be able to deny them for long.

It wasn't hard to fake the faint, to collapse against the burly arms squeezing the air from his lungs, to hang limply. But the arms did not loosen their grip. Desperately, in total despair, he stomped downward, seeking an instep. A fist rammed up into his solar plexus.

The high keening wail pierced the sphere of raging agony. As if from a long way off. Jack wondered if it had been his. Then wondered if he would ever scream again. Then wondered nothing at all.

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by Bob McElwain
ISBN-10: 0-9723737-8-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-9723737-8-4

About this Book

Terri Delaney is on her way to becoming a major player in the television news industry. She has an awesome ability to impact people in a positive way. But a blackmailer is intent upon destroying her.

While Jack Collier is a private investigator, very good at his work, he really wants nothing more to do with the business. His efforts seem to be creating more downer time than gains. But when he meets Terri, he comes to believe he can make a positive difference in her life.

While Jack continues to claim differently, he knows he may not make it happen. He and Terri face far greater power than any blackmailer can claim.

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About the Author

Bob McElwain, a native of Los Angeles, California, taught mathematics and computer science in secondary schools and colleges there for thirty-two years. Now retired, he lives in Mariposa, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, ten miles west of Yosemite National Park.

Bob has been a fan of fiction since childhood, and is always working on another story. He is the author of Fatal Games (Pageant Press, 1989) and six other novels available from Foremost Press. He says, "Blackmail introduces a private investigator who is positive and upbeat. I like the way this worked out. And hope you'll feel the same way."

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News Release

Foremost Press Releases
Fast-Paced Detective Yarn

Cedarburg, Wisconsin - Blackmail, written by Bob McElwain, a native of Los Angeles, California, has been released by Foremost Press under the imprint of Action Tales.

About the book: Terri Delany, a beautiful TV star, is being blackmailed. When she turns to PI Jack Collier, he knows there's much more to it than a video tape of a sex scene played years back. As he probes deeply into the past, tries to follow the latest payoff, and comes up against the real powers to be dealt with, he realizes he may not win this one. Yet he must, for opening this investigation proves to have been an invitation to murder. His own, and that of Delany.

About the author: McElwain seeks to move his stories quickly. Yet his larger-than-life characters are deftly drawn. He has outdone himself in creating Collier, a positive, upbeat man, quite unlike the classic fictional PI. And his descriptive narratives of settings are equally upbeat, demonstrating his love affair with L.A.

From the publisher: "In a story involving blackmail, readers expect violence," says publisher Mary Holzrichter. "However, they'll appreciate the way in which McElwain handles what is essential to the story. Since we do only a handful of novels each year, we must be selective. Blackmail has proved to be an excellent choice for us."

For further information and/or a complimentary copy for review visit Booksellers can order at
ISBN 0-9723737-8-0, 198 pp, $12.97


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A Review

Feel free to use all or part of the following, and edit to suit. This content was prepared for your use. We ask no acknowledgement of any kind.

Foremost Press Releases
Fast-Paced Detective Yarn

Cedarburg, Wisconsin - Blackmail by Bob McElwain. The author is a native of Los Angeles, California. He set this tale in this city he dearly loves and knows so well. "It's an offbeat plot that could only happen in L.A.," says McElwain.

McElwain draws characters so real and lifelike they appear to you as your neighbors and friends. And all tend to surprise you by becoming more than they appear to be at first glance. PI Jack Collier most of all. He's not a street-wise tough guy so common in this genre. Instead, he's a positive upbeat fellow you'll enjoy meeting. A man you'd like to call your friend.

And Terri Delany, the rising young TV star who is being blackmailed, is not your typical "doll" of detective fiction. You quickly discover she's quick, bright and capable, yet has that inner strength required to do what is needed.

From the first page to the last, you'll be rooting for Collier to free Delany from the clutches of the blackmailer. And in some way, prevent others with their own objectives from destroying her.

While the story may be a bit slow in getting started, as McElwain introduces Collier and Delany in considerable detail, it accelerates from this point without a break into an unexpected wrap that will surprise you.

Blackmail is a fast, easy read. You'll quickly come to identify with the characters. And throughout, you'll catch glimpses of the sprawling megalopolis that is L.A.

Blackmail was published by Foremost Press under the imprint of Action Tales. It can be ordered at
ISBN 0-9723737-8-0, 198 pp, $12.97

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