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Nice Things Said

"...August in the Mind educates,
 stimulates, interests and
 entertains . . . Who could ask
 for anything more!!"
 --- Sonya Rolls

"...this story is a cliff-hanger.
 Taddeo is a fine writer and
 story teller. I look forward
 to reading more from him."
--- K. Ann Barnett

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He looked up from his drafting board to see the man approaching. A warning shot of adrenalin surged through his body reminding him of a time in the desert when a lizard came darting toward him.

"I know your name is Antonelli," Gagetta said. His voice was surprisingly soft. "I got a feeling there are bad vibes between us. You just don't like me. Well, I thought maybe we could talk it out."

Staring at the drawing, Tony said, "Don't get close to me."

"Well, maybe we can talk it out later." Gagetta turned and walked away.

Tony released his hold on the drafting table. He leaped from his stool, landing on the man's back. With both hands he went for Gagetta's throat and squeezed with all his strength.

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August in the Mind
by Nick Taddeo
ISBN-10: 0-9723737-3-X
ISBN-13: 978-0-9723737-3-9

About This Book

Tony Antonelli develops a strong and immediate antagonism to a newcomer who arrives at his work place. Without provocation he attacks the man but is held back by fellow workers.

Seeking to understand the cause of his actions, he follows a baffling memory, first physically and then internally, chasing the shadows of memory until he reaches a medieval town in central Italy.

On the steps of an ancient Duomo, he survives a traumatic experience which helps him comprehend his actions. When he returns home, a surprise occurrence is waiting.

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Photo of Nick Taddeo

Nick Taddeo lives in Pasadena, California. A car buff and student, he also does a good deal of travelling to places in which he can learn even more about who we are as people.

This is his primary interest, particularly the whys of what we do. And, of course, he asks such questions of himself. Through the years, he has found many answers. And he continues his search for more. A serious student of history, sociology, psychology, and anything that can provide insight into the human condition.

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A Review

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Tony, an architect-engineer, is suddenly and inexplicably overwhelmed with antipathy for a total stranger. He attacks the man. Without the intervention of Tony's co-workers, the man would have died.

Tony is badly shaken by what he has done. He lacks even a hint of an idea that might explain it. He knows nothing of himself that could possibly account for the sudden surging rage, the overpowering urge to destroy.

He is certain of only one thing. He must discover what triggered his actions else face a grim, unpredictable future. Doctors can not help. The answer lies within himself. And he must find it. Alone.

Convinced he must search in the distant past, that "genetic memory" is more than the idle speculation some unraveling our genetic structure claim it to be, Tony returns to his earlier roots in Italy. In this journey, lies the tale, a journey many of us take in one way or another.

Tony looks without. And within. But in the latter there is none of the psycho-drivel that seems so common. Instead, he examines all about him with total honesty, then seeks to attune his inner being to what he discovers.

Who has not asked right out loud, "What made me do that?" Nick Taddeo seeks to answer this question for all of us in August In the Mind. While there is no attempt here to provide definitive answers, what Tony discovers may also relate to you, your concerns, and your fears.

This story will haunt you into the foreseeable future. Bits and pieces will linger indefinitely. And some may help you find a better way.

Nick Taddeo personally is tightly bound to his Italian heritage. He has walked the streets of which he speaks. He knows how they came to be. And he has examined each with care. Thus his narratives bring alive both the Italy that was and the one that is today.

If there is a flaw in this work, it lies in the abundance of tightly crafted descriptive elements that reveal this ancient culture as you may never have seen it. While some may say there is a bit too much of this, travelers and history buffs will plead for more.

August in the Mind by Nick Taddeo is a must read for those seriously interested in people, the world about them, and all within that we have never even glimpsed.

August in the Mind was published by Foremost Press under the imprint of It can be ordered at
ISBN-10: 0-9723737-3-X
ISBN-13: 978-0-9723737-3-9
157 pp, $12.97

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