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Nice Things Said
  "...a fast read that takes 
   you to fascinating locations
   throughout the world." 
  "The characters are well 
   developed, and the action
   is realistic with lots of
   --- TCM Reviews

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Back Cover Blurb

Ender saw a bearded man approaching. Openly. Without stealth.

He walked with dignity across the short lawn to the border of flowers that ended at the driveway. He stopped, but as if hesitating, preparing for a next move.

"You're trespassing," Ender said in German. "You and your men will put down your weapons."

The bearded man smiled as he took two steps that brought him into the garage beyond the overhang. As he moved, he slowly raised both arms as if surrendering.

Strange, Ender thought. Slowly, the man drew his arms to his chest and pulled the halves of his dark coat aside as if to show he had no weapons. But that lasted only as long as it took to see the vest under the coat. It was stuffed as if inflated.

It was not body armor. It was the opposite. It was loaded for the next world.

Slowly, the man cocked his head to one side as if to see what was on the other. It took Ender a moment to realize that he was looking into his hand. Something was in it that cast a glow of green light. Green for Go.

He was ready, even eager to die, to take those nearby on that last, long journey with him.

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The Peacock Angel
by David Chacko
ISBN-10: 0-9748921-4-9
ISBN-13: 978-0-9748921-4-6

About this Book

When Jason Ender, contract agent for the State Department, is told to bring in the mistress of an international outlaw, he doesn't know his assignment is the beginning of an unstoppable adventure that will cross borders and continents throughout continental Europe and Eastern Turkey.

Ender will find himself transformed from a master of the espionage game into a man whose only course is violent action against the shadowy forces aligned against him.

The circle will not close until the Peacock Angel dangles from a cliff in the Tigris Valley and the last man who claims it follows the Angel down.

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About the Author

David Chacko is the author of twenty-two critically acclaimed novels in the mystery and espionage genres. He is also the co-author of one of the groundbreaking texts in the field: Crime and Punishment: An Introduction to Detective Fiction.

Chacko's books have been called "brilliant and scaring" (Kirkus), and "raw-boned and brutal" (The Detroit News). He is known as "a novelist of talent and power" (Playboy), "a writer of power and intensity" (Publisher's Weekly), and his work as "compelling and unexpected" (Newsweek), "a powerhouse charged with artistic and imaginative feats." (Buffalo Courier-Express)

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A Review

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Foremost Press Releases Espionage Thriller

David Chacko's eleventh novel, The Peacock Angel, begins as a search for a cache of illicit oil money that morphs into a search for a treasure beyond imagining. The only constant in the accelerating chase is the danger that increases at every turn. Jason Ender, the American agent introduced in Less Than a Shadow, uses all his skills as he leads a unit of dedicated men on the trail of a mysterious religious object that has been lost for over two thousand years. The only question is whether Ender will survive his own relentlessness before the shadowy forces aligned against him close for the kill.

The Peacock Angel rips a wide swath through contemporary Europe and Turkey, the places Chacko knows best. The gem dealers of Zurich and their girls, the private bankers and their muscle, the art dealers and heroin dealers, pass in a furious collage. From the streets of Zurich to the mountains of Italy and the hills of Mesopotamia, The Peacock Angel rolls inexorably toward the surprising and unexpected conclusion.

Chacko lives in Istanbul most of the year, with side trips to every place he can manage. Less Than a Shadow, his previous novel, is set in Istanbul. The Peacock Angel travels farther afield into continental Europe and Eastern Turkey--two entirely different environments.

The story will leave the reader amazed at the intertwined history of the Middle East and the competing tribes that make up that history. It should be no surprise that in the end, the only answer is which events, and which deaths, will shape the future in a positive way.

The Peacock Angel was published by Foremost Press. It can be ordered through local bookstores and at, Amazon and Barnes &
ISBN 0-9748921-4-9, 320 pp, $15.97


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