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216 pages

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Nice Things Said
 "I wish I could evoke for my 
  students Hutton's galvanizing
  engagement with history." 
  --- Valeri K. Keogh, Teacher,
  Fresno Unified School District, 
  Fresno, CA
 "A must-read for any young 
  reader who wants to see, 
  listen to and smell America's 
  early history." 
  --- Lawrence Onwall,
  Nevis, West Indies
 "Time Pool is way cool!" 
  --- Tatiana Oberkoetter, 14
  Dartmouth, Massachusetts

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Back Cover Blurb

Follow Eddie Dowd on his hilarious adventures through time and history in this stunning novel of island adventure. A modern Huck Finn, Eddie with his friend Jason devise elaborate practical jokes to spring on stern Auntie Tell and her niece Tommie. The jokes turn on Eddie when the Wiseone, Maman Lu, transports him back in time where Eddie literally drops into the mind of his ancestor, Tato. Together they ride sea turtles, escape from sharks, and fight against strangers who raid Tato's village.

Then Eddie's dreams take him to the time of the American Revolution. He enters the mind of a young Indian girl, Delphie, and, after a rocky start, they join the Colonists in a sea battle with the British Navy.

A myriad of characters, human and non-human, propel Eddie's story along at breathtaking speed. Snakes, alligators, manatees, and dolphins who actually communicate, make this story a must read for those who love nature, adventure, and excitement.

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Time Pool:
The Amazing Adventures
of Eddie Dowd

Book 1 of a Trilogy
by Tad Hutton
ISBN-10: 0-9818418-2-1
ISBN-13: 978-0-9818418-2-3

About this Book

2009 Georgia Author of the Year Awards (GAYA) Finalist

Time Pool: The Amazing Adventures of Eddie Dowd is a stunning book. It’s fantastical, historical settings are spiced with comedy and action as Eddie Dowd is thrown onto the trail of his heritage. A contemporary Huck Finn, Eddie has no idea why he has been chosen to save Salt Island. He’d rather play practical jokes on his friends and explore the creeks and marshes around his home.

But the mysterious Maman Lu, who some natives say is a witch, sends him back in time to experience the life of his Indian ancestors.

Eddie is dropped into the mind of Tato, a young boy, as the tribe fights the slavers from Hispaniola. Later he falls into the consciousness of Delphie, an Indian princess. Together, they are drawn into a dangerous fight between American and British forces in the first sea battle of the American Revolution.

Eddie’s wild, crazy adventures uncover much about his island home, but will it be enough to satisfy Maman Lu?

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About the Author

Photo of Tad Hutton

As Hutton wrote this story, he kept thinking of Huck Finn, Tom Sawyer, and the other young dreamers in American Literature who reveal much about themselves even as they teach us about ourselves.

He resides on Tybee Island, Georgia, with his wife, two cats, and a Boston Whaler.

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A Review

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Mark Twain would love this story. In Time Pool: The Amazing Adventures of Eddie Dowd, author Tad Hutton traces the journey of a young teen, Eddie Dowd, as he manufactures practical jokes, takes part in late night "conjures," and meets all sorts of weird animals and characters. But that's only the start. Eddie travels back in time to his Indian ancestors' world, where he and his tribe fight slavers, ride giant turtles, and take part in an historic sea battle at the mouth of the Savannah River.

Eddie is a prankster with a crazy circle of friends and guardians. And then the mysterious Maman Lu sends him back in time to experience the life of his ancestors. He finds himself in the sixteenth century, in the consciousness of Tato, a young Indian. They form an uneasy alliance as Tato's tribe battles a raiding band of slavers. And then Eddie finds himself in the eighteenth century, in the mind of a young Indian princess, Delphie, as they take part in the first sea battle of the American Revolution. Through his experiences, Eddie begins to understand the history and culture of his people and his island.

The special intrigues of the novel are the parts played by animals and sea creatures. Snakes, big cats, sharks, and the intelligent and life-saving dolphins are just a few of the non-human characters who bring their special points of view to this rousing story.

Hutton writes in clear and concise prose, enriched by believable characters and a driving story line. Time Pool: The Amazing Adventures of Eddie Dowd is the first book of a trilogy about a coastal island. On the surface, it is a young teen's comic journey of self-discovery. Beneath this tale is a first-rate account of the historic, cultural, and environmental roots of Americana.

Time Pool: The Amazing Adventures of Eddie Dowd was published by Foremost Press. It can be ordered through local bookstores and at, Amazon and Barnes &
ISBN-10: 0-9818418-2-1
ISBN-13: 978-0-9818418-2-3
216 pp, $13.97

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