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Our objective is to build a fine library of books readers will enjoy. Both in hard copy and multiple ebook versions. We are committed to great books of fiction and nonfiction. And above all else, to quality work that never lets you, the reader, down.

While we prefer working with previously published authors, people who know the rules and what is expected of them, we will consider manuscripts from unpublished authors. But the work must be the equivalent of what a professional produces.

By taking this position, we assure our readers quality books. And the added exposure we offer authors may lead to publication with a major house.

As a team, we love books. Everything about them. From writing to reading them, and all that makes it possible for a book to become available. We enjoy the whole of it. We hope you'll join in and have some fun as well.









Mary Holzrichter

Books! I've always loved books. When I get ahold of a good book, I can't put it down.

And it's great fun talking with people about all the exciting books one reads. Discussing different places, characters, and, most of all, ideas. It truly opens whole new worlds before you. What bursts of imagination come forth! Ahh, the freedom of expression at its finest.

I was deeply affected by an incident during my high school days. Our English/Lit teacher had us reading many of the classics, including George Orwell's 1984 and Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. Many of the parents objected (not mine!). A few meetings were held by the parents. Short time later we heard he had "returned" to Canada. I never had a chance to say goodbye. Anyway, if you're out there, Mr. Heins, "I'll never forget you. Thanks for inspiring me."

I worked at a variety of jobs over the years. Everything from the UW-Madison Library, assisting with underwriting at life and auto insurance companies, to desktop publishing and customer service. My last "outside" job turned into a crash course in accounting. Everything from AR, AP, Payroll, taxes, and everything that goes with that. I'd always disliked accounting, and that reinforced my feelings!

With that said, I live with my husband, who happens to be a C.P.A., in Cedarburg, near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our two sons have left the nest. We have four grandchildren.

When not reading, I love aerobics, canoeing, hiking, growing native prairie plants, birdwatching, and traveling. But, most of all, I love being a part of the crazy world of the WWW. What richness this has brought to our lives in our everseeking quest for knowledge.

Why am I involved in this business? Because I want to make a difference in authors' lives, and ultimately the lives of their readers. Making ForemostPress.com take wing, together with our team, has been a great source of enjoyment.

I hope ForemostPress.com will take you to new worlds you've not yet traveled. I can't imagine a life without books. Can you?

Cedarburg, Wisconsin
March 26, 2002






Bob Holzrichter
Chief Financial Officer

Throughout most of my career, I've been involved in finance, accounting, and IT activities. As Mary mentioned, I'm a CPA (now retired). I now work with Mary in managing Foremost Press. Logically I handle the finance aspects of the company and also assist in reviewing submissions.

Mary and I met in high school. We've been involved in many activities during our life together. Besides raising our two (now adult) sons, we have been together in business since the late 1980s. Initially we owned a computer/software company. Mary handled the sales/marketing functions while learning software such as desktop publishing and database software from scratch. I handled the operations, software training, and finances. As the personal computer industry morphed into a commodity business, Mary started looking for other avenues of interest. As a result, Mary met Bob McElwain online and we morphed into a POD publisher. Best thing we ever did!

When I'm not involved in Foremost Press, I enjoy reading, fishing, natural landscaping and volunteering at the Ozaukee/Washington Land Trust. I'm also president of the Milwaukee North Sunrise Rotary.

January 1, 2014






Bob McElwain
The Founder
of Foremost Press

In Memoriam

Bob founded Foremost Press in 2002. What a gifted writer he was. Even though we never met face-to-face, I felt I had known him my whole life. He was my mentor and such a true friend. I miss him. I will never forget him. He was truly one of a kind.

- - - Mary Holzrichter






Judy Vorfeld
Editorial Director

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, in the beautiful city of Bellingham, Washington. Both parents were educators, which meant all four children had to have decent grades…or else! We didn't dare shame our parents.

One of my strongest childhood memories had to do with my shameful behavior. In the early 1940s I walked past Mrs. Hermann's home to and from Sunnyland Grade School. In those days, everyone hated Adolf Hitler, and anyone with a German accent was fair game. I can remember walking past her neat, clean little home, and joining my friends in shouting, "Mrs. Hermann the German! Mrs. Hermann the German!" We thought we were so clever.

Mother discovered what we were up to. She cornered me, and explained how the poor old widow-an American by choice-must feel at such cruel treatment. Her words broke my heart. Then Mother gave me a choice. I decided an apology was more painless than a spanking, so I rushed to the corner store, bought some Milk Duds, and headed up the street. I knocked on the door, explained why I was there, and handed her the little box as a peace offering. Mrs. Herman accepted my apology, and invited me in for a cup of tea. What a lady. What a lesson.

Mother was a music teacher, and an incredibly gifted musician, and encouraged all four of us to become involved in the world of music. In grade school, I began playing French horn, and continued playing in marching bands and orchestras through two years of college. Fun! Dad often took me camping. We fished, hiked, and took photographs. He was an excellent teacher.

After a year of college, I married Ron Simpson, a college student studying to be a music teacher. Following his graduation, we moved to Chehalis, Washington where we lived for ten years with our son and daughter. We moved to Hawaii, and later Ron and I divorced.

Five years later, I met Jack Vorfeld and moved to a sugar plantation. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything. Two years later, he retired from Oahu Sugar Company, we ended up in the Greater Phoenix area. About the time we were married, I became interested in painting, and took lessons for several years. I did quite a bit in oil and acrylics, but once I started back to work, I set my canvas and brushes aside. Later I became interested in freelance writing and renewed my interest in photography-and remain active in both areas.

Through the years, I've worked for many different types of companies in a variety of positions. Those experiences are one of my strengths as I analyze people's businesses from a marketing and presentation perspective. Words and their usage became increasingly important. Once the Internet hit full force, I took my home-based business, began networking in cyberspace, and my business changed from primarily local to primarily global.

Throughout my life I've been a dedicated reader. Written words have been a consistent thread throughout my life. Loved the local libraries, and always had books around. While I cherish historical fiction and many other writing styles, I thoroughly enjoy action, espionage, and suspense novels.

Peoria, Arizona
March 26, 2002
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